Guide 4 - Removing Lenses


Removing Lenses

To keep your eyes and vision as healthy as possible please make sure you read all the information in this guide before removing your lenses. 

  1. Remove make-up before removing lenses.
  2. To avoid mixing up your lenses it’s a good idea to always
    apply and remove the lens from your right eye first.
  3. Look up at the ceiling and pull down your lower eye lid
    with your middle finger.
  4. Bring your forefinger close to your eye until you touch the
    lower edge of the lens and then slide the lens down to the
    lower white part of your eye.
  5. Gently squeeze the lens between your thumb and index
    finger and remove it.
  6. Put the lens into the storage case before removing the
    lens from your other eye.
  7. Remove the other lens following the same procedure.

Another method - instead of gently squeezing the lens, slide the lens down to your inner corner of the eye until the lens can go no further and flips out. 



Important - Ask yourself three questions each time you wear your lenses:

  1. Do my eyes look good? - no redness
  2. Does my lenses feel good in my eyes? – no discomfort
  3. Do I see well? – no unusual blurring

If the answer to any of the questions is ‘no’, remove your lenses and consult your lens care practitioner.